At the heart of a court with justice, the lawyer and the people

Avignon, special envoy

Under the stars, which hardly shine in a real courtroom, the company Les Arts Oseurs recreates the atmosphere of a courthouse. Thus affirming its desire to make each of the fragments of trials live at the assizes, in a family court, in corrections, etc. With a common thread, a lawyer, and above all a narrator, the actress and director Périne Faivre who, for more than a year, « immersed herself in the daily life » of a defender of citizens (and) in that courts. « Heroines is an epic, an experience to go through to experience a certain adventure of justice, » she says.

With her team of actors, dancers, musicians, technicians and designer (Kevin Adjovi-Boco, Antoine Amblard, Caroline Cano, Sophia Chebchoub, Renaud Grémillon, Florie Guerrero Abras, Daiana Migale, Moreno, Maril Van Den Broek) Périne Faivre, in the role of the narrator, leads the dance. And that’s not a way of speaking because the show takes place in all places of the space, between the spectators and on their benches, which become for a time those of a court where, also, we dance in music .

« Heroine » is not a simple x-ray of the judicial institution, its doubts, its errors, its lack of means. It is also, and above all, a “class” questioning of ordinary affairs that seem sloppy and leave a bitter taste, not to say injustice. There is no question of taking the side of petty traffickers, domestic thugs, larger-scale mobsters in “Heroine”. But the social misery, the disarray of the undocumented, the dropout of many young adults and their despair are observed and acted out with conviction.

The public is not mistaken, justice done in the « name of the French people » concerns him and despite the undoubtedly excessive length of the evening (four and a half hours with intermission), his silent role goes beyond that of a passive spectator. Moreover, as in court, when the bell announcing the entry of the president of the session president, everyone gets up… And this public, free to come and go, and even to leave the room, (here the area game), prefers to stay until the last judgement. Captivated, beyond the ballet of black dresses.


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