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While inflation remains high around the world, Canadians trying to escape the cold this winter will be looking to save during the peak travel season.

With inflation high and interest rates still rising, it’s an undeniably costly time for Canadians – yet after more than two years of pandemic restrictions, many still want to get out.

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Winter travel: expect demand to explode, industry warns

Macca Shirifi of travel blog An Adventurous World says hotels are now often cheaper than private accommodations like an Airbnb rental, as those prices have risen dramatically during the pandemic.

Expedia spokeswoman Melanie Fish said there’s an ideal time to buy airline tickets about two months before a domestic flight departs, which could allow Canadians to save up to 40% on flight costs.

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For international travel, Fish says Canadians should book at least three months in advance, as booking too early or too late may not offer the same savings.

A recent report from Expedia also recommends booking flights on Sundays to save up to 15% and says Wednesday is the cheapest day to travel, allowing passengers to save up to 20% on flights to Canada.

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