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An adviser to the commissioner on systemic racism in NB slams the door

FREDERICTON — The commissioner’s senior policy adviser on systemic racism in New Brunswick has resigned, citing issues of government interference.

Robert Tay-Burroughs posted his resignation letter on social media on Tuesday, saying he was troubled “by the pretense” under which the office of the commissioner on systemic racism was carrying out its task.

He argues that beacons have been placed by “external forces” on what Commissioner Manju Varma could write in her final report, due in October.

The resignation came a day after the Mi’kmaq chiefs released a draft interim report that Ms. Varma had prepared in April but had not made public.

This draft report recommended, among other things, the holding of a public inquiry into the racism experienced by Aboriginal people in the justice system in New Brunswick.

Indigenous Affairs Minister Arlene Dunn told reporters on Monday that the government had indeed met with Ms. Varma in April, but had not asked the commissioner to keep her interim report secret.