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An actress from the series “Reasonable doubt” insults the police on Instagram

An actress from the series Reasonable doubt had to remove an Instagram post inciting hostility towards the police. The photo of her in uniform, on which she had added the letters ACAB meaning All Cops Are Bastards (all police officers are bastards), aroused discontent among some police officers and complaints at Radio-Canada.

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Nadia Essadiqi recently posted a photo on social media promoting the series Reasonable doubt broadcast on ICI TÉLÉ, in which she plays the role of a policewoman. The selfie was shared on the Instagram page under his stage artist name, La Bronze. It shows the actress dressed as a police officer. In the photo, the actress had added the letters ACAB in pink. ACAB is a movement and a hostile term towards the police. The whole thing was accompanied by the mention #douteraisonnable on Mondays 9 p.m. on @icitele.

An actress from the series “Reasonable doubt” insults the police on Instagram

Screenshot, Instagram @labronze_

The post on her Instagram @labronze_, with the mention ACAB, before it was withdrawn.

“I had no bad intentions in making this post”, explained the actress who was satisfied with a response by text message when she was invited by The newspaper to express themselves on the motivations behind this publication. “I quickly realized that it could offend people and immediately took it off. I apologize to those who may have been offended by this clumsiness. ”

Radio-Canada, which broadcasts the series Reasonable doubt, confirmed having received complaints following this criticized publication. The broadcaster claims “to dissociate completely from this publication, which was issued on the personal account of the actress and which only binds herself. ”

“Actors are full citizens,” he continues. They have every right to express their opinion on social media, but these posts should in no way be associated with the public broadcaster or its broadcasts. “

Police officers offended

At the SPVM, those in charge of communications did not want to comment on this subject. However, according to our information, many police officers were offended by the publication, including several from the Longueuil agglomeration police department (SPAL). Indeed, the main actress of the series, Julie Perreault, spent time with an investigator from this service to prepare for her role. Some have even written directly to Julie Perreault who liked the publication of her colleague.

AETIOS Productions – the company founded by Fabienne Larouche and Michel Trudeau producing Reasonable doubt – is also dissociated from the anti-police message conferred by the actress. “Nadia Essadiqui is entitled to her opinions and can express them on her personal account,” said the production house. His opinion is only binding. We strongly disagree with the connection that is made with our #doubtable series, however, and have communicated with her about it. By the time we spoke to her, the post had already been taken down by Nadia. ”

Nadia Essadiqi began her musical career under the name La Bronze in 2014. Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist of Moroccan-Canadian origin, she has performed in series Arab youth, yallah! and Quarter of life. The release of the new La Bronze album, scheduled for late January, has just been postponed to March. This postponement would not be related to this story, said his music promotion team.


Acronym ACAB means, in English, All Cops Are Bastards (all police are bastards). This anti-police slogan would have been born in English prisons in the 1920s and would have been taken up in the British strikers’ movements in the 1980s. It was then popularized by the skinhead movement, before becoming the slogan of extreme left.

– With Claudia Berthiaume, Bureau of investigation