Amid the weekend heat, some beaches aren’t recommended for cooling off

Environment Canada is forecasting sunny and warm weather this Labor Day long weekend. Although the temperatures can be hot, finding a way to cool off can be a bit more difficult.

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit (WECHU) has released the results of the latest tests for E. coli on our local beaches. Six beaches are considered unsafe for swimming:

  • Belle River Beach – 992 E count. coli.
  • Cedar Beach – 222 E count. coli.
  • Colchester Beach – 649 E count. coli.
  • Mettawa Beach – 592 E count. coli.
  • Sandpoint Beach – 216 E.colicount.
  • Seacliff Beach – 639 E. coli count.

Three ranges are open, with levels from E. coli under the provincial bacterial standard of 200 E. coli per 100 milliliters of water:

  • Cedar Island Beach -170 Number of E. coli.
  • Holiday Beach – 187 E. coli count.
  • Northwest Point Pelee – 150 counts of E. coli.

The results are based on water tests carried out on Monday.

WECHU has advice on its website for when it is safe to swim.

It is said not to swim if you cannot see your feet when standing in waist-deep water, or when the water is choppy, murky, or green. He said not to swim for at least 48 hours after heavy rain or wind, as well as to look for drain pipes on the beach and avoid swimming near them.

No beaches were found with blue-green algae.


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