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Amazon reduces social dialogue to nothing

The mandatory annual negotiations at Amazon France Logistique ended in a fishtail. While the CGT had tried to put on the table a final proposal for a 4% increase, the only CGE-CGC finally signed an agreement based on a 3.5% salary increase. Unacceptable for the other unions given the inflation, but above all, the gigantic profits generated by the multinational. In the first quarter of 2022, it achieved a turnover up 7%, to 116.4 billion dollars.

Within the juggernaut, all social dialogue seems to have stalled. The discussions on the arduousness or even the forward management of jobs and skills have also not succeeded. “Amazon prefers failure to dialogue, denounces the CGT. It prefers to employ through unreceptive subsidiaries of undocumented migrants, to exploit and mistreat them, rather than to negotiate”, tackles the union, referring to the current strike at the subcontractor Lumina Services. The beautiful words of Jeff Bezos, the former CEO, resonate more than ever in the interstellar void: “We are going to be the best employer and the safest place to work on Earth. »