Amarcord | Humanity

Amarcord is a funny and sarcastic comedy by Federico Fellini. The director evokes in his own way his childhood in a small town on the Adriatic coast, in the first years of fascism. A teenager imagines his union with the girl who scorns him blessed by the Duce. Suspected of distrust of the regime, the craftsman appearing as the director’s father is forced to drink castor oil with disastrous intestinal consequences. The population embarks one evening on dozens of small boats. The pretty woman in town, the Gradisca, talks about love while thinking about Gary Cooper, while everyone falls asleep. A powerful siren wakes them up. A huge illuminated ocean liner from which comes music passes like an ephemeral dream, leaving only waves. « The Rex , said the mayor, the most beautiful achievement of the regime. » The film ends with the Gradisca marrying a soldier. We understand that his love will end up in the kitchen. Amarcordmeans » I remember « .


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