Amanda Kloots reveals her son Elvis is curious about ‘what happened to dad’: ‘It was really difficult’

By Melissa Romualdi.

Amanda Kloots has opened up about the tough questions her son started asking about his late father and her husband Nick Cordero.

The Broadway star, who died at 41 due to complications from COVID-19, and Kloots’ three-year-old son Elvis recently became curious about ‘where his father is’, two years after Cordero’s death .

« I feel like some of the grief is going to start happening, where I now have to deal with his grief after dealing with mine for the past two years, » Kloots, 40, said in the October 18 episode of iHeartRadio’s « The Important Things. » with Bobbi Brown « podcast. « Helping Elvis figure out at this young age where dad is, why dad doesn’t live with us, what happened to dad. And it was really, really, really difficult.

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The ‘The Talk’ co-host said it was « crazy » that her son remembered Cordero, since he was just 13 months old when his father passed away.

« I don’t know if it’s because we watch so many Nick videos together or because I talk about Nick so much. But he does [remember],” Kloots, shared, “he says that and I love it. But it makes me wonder.

As Elvis continues to grow and become more understanding of his surroundings, Kloots revealed that she’s already started having more candid conversations with her little one about Cordero.

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« I said, ‘Dada lives in heaven with Jesus but he’s around us all the time,' » she explained. “’And we can always talk to him, we can listen to him sing and he watches over us all the time.’ That’s what I’ve said so far.

Cordero was hospitalized in March 2020 when he was initially diagnosed with pneumonia, but ended up being COVID. He remained in hospital until his death in July after succumbing to numerous complications.

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