Alleged nightclub in King St. W condo building keeping residents awake

Toronto residents living on King Street West, near Niagara Street, say they have been losing sleep over the past few weeks because of an alleged nightclub, which opened last month at the foot of their building in condominium.

« Last week, I was only in the office one day because of this. I wasn’t sleeping, » says a resident who lives on the 10th floor of 801 King Street West. « It’s definitely impacting my daily. »

A new facility called Hyde Social opened in the building last month and results in a few sleepless nights a week for many residents.

“We’re on the 10th floor, so you can hear the bass. It keeps us awake and the cars leaving the area at 2 a.m., ”says another resident. « It’s a little crazy. »

CityNews contacted the City of Toronto regarding the noise, which confirmed it had received complaints about the club, adding that it was licensed as a dining establishment.

“The City is investigating to determine if this establishment has the appropriate business license and is in compliance with noise bylaws,” city officials said in a statement. « These are active investigations and we are unable to provide further information at this time. »

In Toronto, licensing regulations regulate food establishments such as restaurants, bars and cafes and entertainment establishments such as nightclubs. Establishments must apply for and receive the appropriate business licenses to operate.

Just a few days ago, the Instagram account Hyde Social posted a video showing a DJ, loud music, dancing and what appears to be crowds enjoying bottle service. Its website lists hours of operation Wednesday through Saturday from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m.

“We really want businesses to understand that they live in a community, especially downtown,” says Ward 10 Councilman Joe Mihevc.
“It’s a dense community so you can’t do things that promote a lot of noise. People need to sleep. They have to go to work. »

Mihevc adds that he, too, has received a number of complaints from frustrated residents of the condo building.

« If our inspectors find that they are true, in other words, they go out and check with real meters what the noise volume is, of course, possibly stricter measures can be taken, » says Mihevc.

The city says residents can continue to call 311 to report any issues.

CityNews has contacted Hyde Social for a response regarding these complaints, but has yet to receive a response.


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