All-out attack by Marchand against Smith

Irritated by Jackie Smith’s numerous outings in recent days, Mayor Marchand believes that she should consider resigning from the councils on which she sits and which she criticizes in the public square.

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Taking advantage of the pre-budgetary period in Quebec, the leader of Transition Quebec and councilor for Limoilou, Jackie Smith, has made several outings recently, on subjects that are discussed on the boards of directors on which she sits: the Office municipal d’ housing, ExpoCité and the Capital Transportation Network.

Duty of solidarity

However, these criticisms do not please the mayor, Bruno Marchand, because they go against the current of the positions taken by these CAs “She has a duty of solidarity with the members of the CA and she does not give a damn. She makes those choices. How does she manage to stay on these boards of directors, to respect her code of administrator? How does she manage to say nonsense and this week completely false things and against the strategic plans of these organizations? It does not work. It must certainly make a reflection in itself.

Additionally, the mayor feels she should apologize for criticizing food prices at the Grand Marché. “It reinforces a perception that is wrong. Just his example of 12 dollar apples. She had to admit it, it’s not true. Did she apologize for that?”


The advisor replied that it was Bruno Marchand himself who offered to offer her these positions on the boards of directors. “Was his intention to put me in a conflict of interest situation in order to muzzle me and restrict my ability to criticize his inaction on matters at the heart of my party’s values?”

She admits having thought about the possibility of leaving these bodies in order to be able to criticize freely, a bit like Claude Villeneuve did with the committee for the realization of the tramway. But she says she has not “gone there”.

“The questions that I raise and the proposals that I put in the public square for a few days, I have already raised them all within the boards of directors on which I sit. »

She does not intend to apologize for saying that the offer at the Grand Marché does not meet the food needs of families in Limoilou.


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