All Condors players sanctioned


All Condors de Beauce-Appalaches players will be sanctioned because of the incidents surrounding the destruction of the Bol d’Or during the celebrations following their victory in Division 3.

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The college management’s investigation concluded that it was not just a few players who were present at the time of the incidents.

“The actions were taken by a few players, but a large part of the team was present at the time of the incidents in a bar in Saint-Georges, explained the director of studies and student life Jean-Philippe Vachon. The players present did not intervene when reprehensible acts were posed. »

“We want the players to learn from this situation, to continue Mr. Vachon. The most important thing is to learn that they have to intervene when gestures that they are not comfortable with occur. »


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Management met with players, coaches and people outside the team during its investigation.

“At the start, we thought that the events had taken place in the presence of only a few players, but this is not the case, underlined Mr. Vachon. As in any team, the players did not denounce their teammates, but the investigation made it possible to shed light. »

Additional penalties

During a team meeting on Tuesday evening, management announced the additional sanctions.


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“All players will have a note of behavioral misconduct on their file throughout their CEGEP course and the sanctions will be more severe if there is a repeat offense. We also canceled the end of season banquet which was to take place on December 17th. Players will have to pay the penalty resulting from the cancellation of the reservation at the Saint-Georges Convention Center. The cancellation has shaken players who thought they could end the season on a high note with their families. »

Community works

The 70 players will also have to get involved with two organizations in the region.

“A captain came to see us last week to ask how they could fix their mistake. We agreed that all players will have to get involved with Nez rouge in Saint-Georges and Sainte-Marie in the support section as well as with Moisson Beauce. »

“We want the players to give back to the population and restore Beauce’s image,” continued Mr. Vachon. It is not only the image of the school that has been tarnished, but also that of all of Beauce since people have linked this unfortunate incident to all Beaucerons. »

It is not quantifiable, but Mr. Vachon considers that the reprobation of other students is also a significant sanction for the players.

“They have been singled out by their peers and they line the walls at school,” he said. They will learn and grow from these events. »

As for the demolished trophy, the RSEQ will make sure to have a new one made and pass the bill on to the players.


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Two separate folders

Despite the crisis that has rocked the establishment, management has agreed to move forward with the request for promotion to Division 2.

The college was to make its response known by November 25 at the latest. The presentation to the selection committee was made Tuesday morning, and the Condors are awaiting the decision.

“These are two separate files at school and we have had discussions with the RSEQ to ensure that it is the same thing on their side. The RSEQ office agrees with us and we will see with the committee. With all the energy put in place since 2019, we have made the jump to Division 2. «


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