Alberta Family Seeking Priceless Championship Rodeo Loop Stolen…Again

Gina Howse traveled from Calgary to Edmonton to spend the holidays with her three children, but a stop outside Rogers Place this week turned her vacation upside down.

« I parked in the same spot here, drove in, not even 35 minutes later, got back to my truck, noticed something was different, » Howse said.

She said someone broke into her truck and stole several gifts that were inside.

Among them were three replica rodeo buckles she had made to mimic the championship buckle won in 1960 by her father, Joe Howse, who died in 2016.

« It’s awful. I couldn’t sleep, it took me a while to pick up a phone and call the kids and tell them that’s what happened, » Howse said. .

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And it’s not the first time the family has been caught on a rodeo loop.

In 2018, the original was stolen from her sister’s truck in Calgary.

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This loop was returned after Global News covered the desperate search for the family.

Howse said replica buckles cost several thousand dollars and it was not easy to find someone to make them.

« It’s not the amount of money – it’s the story, it’s the memories and you took away from me and my children something that we will always remember as a sad day “, said Howse.

Howse said the truck doors were locked and she was working with police to hopefully get them back.

« My dad’s loop seems like some sort of thieves’ magnet or something, for something like this to happen again and again, I just can’t understand, » Howse said.

She hopes that the story of the stolen curls will once again have a happy ending.

« Please give me my curls back so I can give them to my kids, » Howse said.

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Image of a stolen rodeo loop.

Gina Howse/Global News

If you recognize the loops or know where they may be, contact the police.

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