Airdrie Resident Sees First Episode Success On Family Feud Canada

The Selk family – including team captain Levi, who lives in Airdrie – are $10,000 richer after successfully winning their episode of Family Feud Canada last night.

The Selk family are $10,000 richer after successfully winning their episode of Family Feud Canada last night.

Playing against the Inserra family of Woodbridge, Ontario, the Okotoks-based family qualified for a second episode thanks to their quick hands and quick thinking.

« We’ll be back tonight at 7:30 p.m. playing a new family, » said team captain Levi Selk, a Calgary firefighter who has lived in the Airdrie community of Bayside since 2016.

The episode featured three rounds in which the two families competed to answer quick questions first, starting with, « If you went to jail, what would you miss after your sentence? »

Selk noted that the family has spent a lot of time practicing answering these questions since first auditioning for the show in 2019, but added that once asked on location, the questions are harder to answer than viewers probably don’t think so.

« It’s hard to come up with something in the moment, but we managed to do pretty well, » he said. « We’ve cleared most of the board with the jail issue. None of us have served at any time so we don’t know what it’s like to be in there, but we’ve found some answers pretty decent and the other team couldn’t fly, so we won the first round.

After the good start, the Selks suffered three strikes at the following question, which asked the families: « If your feet could talk, what would they say? » This allowed the Inserra to « fly », and they did so successfully.

« It was a tougher question for sure, and we didn’t get as many as we hoped, and they robbed us, so it was quite a battle back and forth, » Selk said. .

The Selks redeemed themselves in the third round, which asked families to « name something that may be too short. » The Inserras were the first to find a successful response, but then suffered three strikes attempting their additional responses.

All three strikes gave the Selks a chance to fly, and they did so with the answer of « holiday. »

« We found a great flight response and stole it to win the game, » beamed Selk.

However, as Selk pointed out, in Family Feud, the most important aspect is how the families fare in Triple Money, which comes after the third round.

« It doesn’t really matter – as long as you win one of those early games – how many points you have for Triple Money, » he said.

Kyla Selk – Selk’s sister – was quick to answer the question, which asked « Name something you use to correct a mistake ». She answered « Eraser », which was the number one answer on the board.

« We went through the list and got three of the top four responses, » Selk noted. « We missed one, but luckily the Ontario family couldn’t get it either. »

Their victory in all three rounds meant the Selks had the opportunity to compete for $10,000 in the ‘Fast Money’ round.

Selk said he and his father Jordi teamed up for the final round, which asked the father-son duo to find as many answers as possible to a series of the same quick questions within a 30-second time limit. Selk’s answers generated 123 of the 200 points needed, and Jordi was able to generate 82 points when it was his turn.

« He finished it, so we won $10,000 and it was crazy, » Selk said.


Along with answering questions, the Selks also joked a lot during the episode with Family Feud Canada host, comedian Gerry Dee. One of the jokes in the episode was the host’s mispronunciation of Lara’s name. (Selk’s sister-in-law).

« Lara has been in our family for a year and a half and I haven’t been able to find her name for that long, » Selk joked. « Gerry was doing the exact same thing, calling her Laura instead of Lara. It was the family joke and Gerry carried on.

The family will be back in action on tonight’s Family Feud Canada show, airing on CBC Gem. To watch last night’s episode in full, click here.

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Last night, Levi Selk hosted a Family Feud Canada episode viewing party at his home in Bayside. Submitted/For Airdrie City View


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