After the heat records, the first snowflakes are expected in Montreal

After a radiant weekend that broke several heat records, residents of southern Quebec must now prepare psychologically for the arrival of the first snowflakes over the next weekend.

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Both in Quebec and Montreal, the week promises to be beautiful and sunny until Thursday, with temperatures reaching 16°C in Montreal and 11°C in Quebec. However, starting Friday, a depression will bring rain, which will last until Saturday.

It is finally during the night from Saturday to Sunday that the first snowflakes should come to flutter in the capital and the metropolis.

According to Environment Canada, the mercury will drop to -1°C in Montreal and will not exceed 1°C on Sunday. Snow showers could thus occur in the metropolitan area.

The scenario should be similar to Quebec, where the thermometer should dip to -2°C overnight from Saturday to Sunday, making snow showers possible.

However, this scenario is disavowed by MétéoMédia meteorologists, who expect the first snowflakes 24 hours later.

According to the channel’s predictions, the temperature will reach 7°C in Montreal on Sunday, and 6°C in Quebec. On the other hand, a cold night could then generate snow showers on Monday.

Either way, long-term forecasts seem to indicate Thursday’s thaw could well be the last, before the cold season sets in for good for the second half of November, with nights descending steadily below the freezing point.


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