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Adams says he will release unspecified ‘tax information’

“No hesitation. We will release tax information. No hesitation,” he told reporters at an independent news conference on Staten Island.

Pressed repeatedly about what that information would be and whether it would include copies of his tax returns, Adams wouldn’t say.

“Tax information. We’re going to release the tax information. Remember, I don’t have to. We know that, don’t we? So let’s be clear on that. So let’s not make it look like I’m required I don’t have to. But we will release tax information,” he said.

Adams filed a new tax return last year after POLITICO reported that the then-mayoral candidate failed to properly disclose rental income on returns between 2017 and 2019.

Key context: Former mayors Rudy Giuliani, Michael Bloomberg and Bill de Blasio all released their tax forms during their tenure dating back to 1994. City law requires public officials to disclose financial information, but not to disclose their taxes.

US presidents have also released their taxes – with the famous exception of Donald Trump, who has fought tooth and nail against efforts to force him to disclose his.

Governor Kathy Hochul released its tax forms on Friday. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have done the same.

Adams has released past tax returns during his mayoral campaign, but has been cited multiple times for discrepancies in his returns.

He changed his taxes after failing to report rental income. He later promised to edit and re-release a revised record after claiming on his taxes that he hadn’t spent a day living at the Brooklyn property he claims is his home address. These latter documents were never published. Adams blamed the tax errors on an accountant who was homeless at the time.

And after: When asked Tuesday what tax information he would release, Adams simply replied, “I will release tax information.”

When asked if that meant his actual tax returns wouldn’t be released, he repeated, “I’m going to release tax information.”

He did not say when the information would be made public.