According to Statistics Canada, vacancies increased by 3.8% in September


According to Statistics Canada, the number of job vacancies rose 3.8% in September to 994,800.

The agency says the month-over-month increase was largely due to seasonal variations, as vacancies typically peak in September.

Job vacancies in the accommodation and food services sector rose 12.0% to 152,400, while the construction industry rose 14.0% to 93,900 .

Job vacancies in the manufacturing sector fell 11.3% to 76,000 in September.

Year over year, Statistics Canada says the total number of vacancies has changed little.

The job vacancy rate, measured as the number of job vacancies as a proportion of total labor demand, was 5.7% in September, up from 5.4% in August, but down compared to 5.9% in September 2021.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published on November 24, 2022


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