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Absenteeism in health: Quebec and the unions close to an agreement

Quebec and the unions in the health network hope to come to an agreement by Thursday to temporarily improve the working conditions of employees exhausted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ministers of Health, Labor and the Treasury Board led a blitz of negotiations on Wednesday with the main union players in the hope of putting a stop to the slaughter of employees in hospitals and CHSLDs.

On Tuesday, during a press point, the Minister of Health Christian Dubé said that Quebec was very close to a point of no return. “We have reached maximum load shedding in several of our regions of Quebec. “

According to our information, the Legault government approached the unions last week in order to know their demands and thus to promote the attraction of the member network during the 5th wave.

Three areas are being studied: health and safety at work, monetary incentives and administrative reductions. The new measures could be in place temporarily for 12 weeks. It is not a question of “traditional” negotiation, support our sources.

2,500 people to find

Due to COVID, absenteeism stands at 20,000 healthcare workers currently in the network. Including all other issues, that number increases to 50,000 employees absent since the start of the pandemic.

According to the conductor of health, there is a lack of 1,000 employees in hospitals and 1,500 in CHSLDs in order to pass through the fifth wave.

To find solutions, good discussions with the unions have been taking place for several days. However, the minister argued that it was a matter of the day before the entire network collapsed.

Behind the scenes, unions doubt that the new measures will recruit new workers. They could mainly motivate the troops and allow some people to work longer and longer.

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