About Tanella Boni

Tanella Boni’s homeland is called writing. “Nowhere, except in her, do I feel in my place, peaceful, in harmony with my entourage”she said to The Cross The Weekly in 2020. Her childhood, at the end of the 1950s, took her between many cities in her native Côte d’Ivoire. Then she studied in France, first in Toulouse, then in Paris. Poet and philosopher, she continues, even today, to cross borders, those of disciplines and countries. Always, in an uninterrupted movement, like his poems, delicate murmurs devoid of an end point to also say this black skin “That you never theorize / Because it is not a concept”the harmattan, which “play the balafon in the moonlight” Where « the wormsbiages / Possessers of voices and sounds ».


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