Abortion decriminalized in a Mexican state

The Mexican state of Quintana Roo on Wednesday ended the criminalization of abortion by a vote of 19 elected officials against 3. Women will now be able to have access to an abortion up to twelve weeks of pregnancy. As for women who are victims of rape, they will no longer be obliged to denounce their attackers in order to have access to the services of a clinic for abortion purposes. “The fight is bearing fruit,” rejoiced the Quintana Roo Feminist Network association on Twitter. “We will insist that abortion is not only legal, but free and safe. For Family Planning, “the green wave continues to advance in Latin America”. Indeed, the right of women to dispose of their bodies has won victories there for a few years: legalization was voted in Argentina in 2020, and in Ecuador in 2021, countries where the influence of the Catholic Church, fiercely opposed to this fundamental right, nevertheless remains powerful.


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