A warm welcome from the SPVM police officers for Fady Dagher

Enjoying an “excellent reputation” and surfing on a recent “wave of popularity”, the new police chief of Montreal Fady Dagher seems to be welcomed with a lot of positivism among his new troops.

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“I think Fady will take us where we no longer have the choice to go, launches a policeman, who like all his colleagues, confides on condition of anonymity. We’ve been saying for years that we need to put more emphasis on the community, I think his arrival sends a statement and I think that was the goal. It’s his trademark, community policing. »

The many police officers consulted by The newspaper Thursday are largely satisfied with this new appointment since Fady Dagher seems to have left a good impression almost everywhere he went.

“When he was at the SPVM, people wanted to work with him, confides an officer. Then he went to Longueuil, where he stirred the cage of many people. It could have broken, but it did. He made even more friends and he was all over the media. He has built an excellent reputation. »

All for all

Considering that he did not apply for the position, that he will suffer a pay cut, that he will be more in the hot seat and that he has signed a shorter contract, many believe that he is trying “everything for everything” by accepting such a challenge.

Some SPVM officers wonder, however, if their new leader is not simply surfing on a “wave of popularity”, he who has found himself in the media many times in recent months for various innovative initiatives.

“It is certain that his success in Longueuil and the fact that we have seen his face everywhere recently probably played in the balance, believes a police officer. Chef in Montreal, this will be his real challenge. It will be interesting to see that go. »

burn his wings

Former SPVM investigator André Gélinas agrees, he who believes that Chief Dagher will have no choice but to set up his successes from Longueuil to Montreal if he wants to succeed. But the bet can be risky.

“When you’re a chef in Montreal, either you succeed or you burn your wings,” he says.

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