A thing to refound what? And, for whom?

« To bury a problem, create a commission » exclaimed in his time Clémenceau. In fact, our Republic is full of councils and committees of all kinds, with names as pompous as their purpose is ineffective. Their chatter has never improved the daily lives of our fellow citizens. We may remember that in 1986, the social and political crisis caused by the Devaquet laws on the university, had led the government of the time to create a new structure thus designated: « A national reflection committee will be created headed by a Mr. Universities”. Its mission: “Outline the university landscape for the next ten years”. Thirty-six years later, we can only remember the power of the demonstrations of young people provoked by this law of sad memory and note with spite the lamentable state of our universities, the difficult course of obstacles for the students to access, the accentuation of the selection, not to mention the dilapidated, crowded lecture halls, and the difficulties in housing and feeding a whole youth.

Now the President of the Republic, ignoring the republican institutions, beginning with the National Assembly and the Senate, the Economic and Social Committee and the High Commission for Planning, apparently responsible for planning, invents a National Council for Refoundation.

According to the authorities, this would be intended to « shape the political decisions of tomorrow ». So what is Parliament for? Regional and departmental councils, mayors? And what is the purpose of the investment plan over the decade, called « France 2030 », presented by E. Macron himself, more than eight months ago.

This president has an unfortunate tendency to take citizens for idiots. He baptizes “his illusion contraption” with initials that have remained eminently popular in the collective memory. The population obviously understood the purpose of the maneuver. Entangled in his difficulties, elected by a minority of citizens, defeated in the legislative elections, aware of the deep crisis of globalized capitalism, the President of the Republic is trying to find the illusion of national unity, to have the greatest many the choices of super-austerity that capital demands to maintain its rates of return and the hoarding of wealth.

From the Great Debate after the struggle of the Yellow Vests, to the Climate Convention, each and everyone is able to fully understand what to expect from Elysian propaganda. Nothing.

This disastrous deception fizzled out. It insults our valuable history. It distorts the acronym National Council of the Resistance. And the title given to the CNR program, “Happy Days”.

Today, however, it is not a question of rebuilding the foundations of a country capable of facing the heavy challenges of the future. Mr. Macron’s thing is only intended to reshape and subject our lives to the needs of globalized capitalism. The CNR, the real one, is the Constitution of 1946, considerable innovations, immense social and democratic advances, support for workers and the appropriation of a certain number of levers of the economy. Under the impetus of a communist party which had distinguished itself in the Resistance alongside the Gaullists in particular and had 27% of the votes at the time, the CNR is the unification of the nation around a project of recovery and human progress.

Today, the president, like his two predecessors, is determined to crush all the conquerors of this National Council of Resistance. Gradually, the presidential monarchy, the contempt for intermediary bodies and the workers, these little people who « are nothing », the shredding of the labor code and the privatizations, unemployment and the precariousness of the work which replaced the social pact established at the end of the war, when part of the bourgeoisie had made a pact with the enemy.

With obstinacy, E. Macron intends to complete the work for which the large private owners, the shareholders favored his re-election. The transition from Social Security to private insurance, shortages in public hospitals, the destruction of unemployment benefits, the extension of working hours, the postponement of the age giving right to retirement, the because of the status of the public service at school or in transport, the impoverishment and disuse of the audiovisual sector, the disfiguration of secularism… A retrograde and authoritarian moral order, these are the main lines of the agenda presidential election, carefully concealed during election campaigns.

In short, the government sets up a scam, disguised as a « thing in the service of democracy », to get employees to participate in their own exploitation and to preserve the powers of money whose thirst for profit is never satisfied.

If the power had the concern of listening and the common good, it would have taken into account the conclusions of the Citizens’ Convention. However, he hastened to reject the modest proposal to tax dividends at 4%, the introduction of climate preservation into the constitution, the prohibition of commercial zones in natural environments and a major energy renovation plan for buildings.

There is no need today to bring together some “Theodule committee” to apply a tax on superprofits, increase wages and deploy a new industrial and agricultural policy, rich in jobs and factors of environmental bifurcations.

No need for a Théodule committee to prevent the cost of producing a megawatt of electricity from going from €50 to €1,000 through the disastrous magic of stock market speculation.

But it is precisely these subjects that the authorities want to avoid. This is not a sign of strength! On the contrary, the proxies of capital everywhere in Europe are in a dangerous impasse. They can lead to the worst, as we see in Italy, but also in France with a trivialized extreme right, introduced thanks to power in the institutional machinery.

The president did not hide the concerns of the class he serves before the conference of ambassadors last week: “ economic order, open capitalism which was a strengthgot messed up. And confidence in it is no longer the same, in our country and internationally. It’s a realityHe says everything about a situation that worries him to the highest point in this new school year.

All the more reason to open the debate on post-capitalism. In a few hours, this question can go through the hundreds of debates, concerts, exhibitions, meetings and the aisles of the great Festival of Humanity which is announced, like the great popular, festive, fraternal, cultural event , political and democratic, open to the world, of this new school year.

Those in power themselves indicate the level to which we must take our intervention. Let’s do it. It is time !


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