A symposium to discuss water management in Mauricie


The 2022 Water and Municipalities Colloquium brought together environmental experts on Wednesday in Shawinigan to lead a series of conferences on water management.

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The event is organized by Rés’EAU Mauricie, in response to the issues and needs expressed by elected officials and civil servants in the Mauricie region during a consultation last winter.

Members of municipal councils and civil servants were invited, on Wednesday and Thursday, to attend conferences and take part in workshops on themes such as the freedom of waterways, the reconciliation of multiple uses and the supply of quality drinking water, with the aim of sharing accessible solutions for municipalities.

Water supply and quality are major issues for many municipalities. “You have to keep in mind that water is still a precious commodity. You have to know how to take care of it. Especially since in Quebec, water belongs to everyone. It is a collective resource. Everyone has a responsibility towards water, whether you are a private citizen, a municipality or a business, » explained Chantale Leblanc, head of communications for the Sainte-Anne River, Portneuf and La sector watershed organization. Chevrotiere.

In some places it is more difficult than in others. “Trois-Rivières, in the Pointe-du-Lac sector, we talk about it once in a while. On the side of Saint-Tite, there is a major issue in relation to their drinking water. This is a major concern for municipalities,” explained Lauréanne Daneau, director general of Environnement Mauricie.

In order to preserve the quality of the Saint-Maurice River, concrete actions must be implemented by municipalities, but also by citizens.

Citizens interviewed by TVA Nouvelles confirmed that they are making efforts: washing with less water and turning off the water during the shower, among other things.

– With information from Marie-Michèle Martel, TVA Nouvelles


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