A street in the Cité Midtown residential project will be named Suzanne Coallier

The segment of a shared street of the Cité Midtown residential project, a pedestrian-oriented development, will be named Suzanne Coallier.

The central segment of the new Midtown development was turned over to the public domain in February 2022, but remained unnamed until the City of Montreal council meeting on October 24.

Suzanne Coallier (1918-2018) was a citizen of Saint-Laurent known as being, with her colleague Gisèle Gagnon Bastien, one of the first two Francophone women chartered accountants in Canada towards the end of the 1940s. Ms. Coallier received the title of « Fellow » from the Order of Chartered Accountants of Quebec and was invested with the Order of Canada in 1987. She also distinguished herself by her presidency of the Association of Graduate Women of Quebec and by her vice- President of the Canadian Federation of University Women.

The toponymy committee of the City of Montreal supported the suggestion of the name Suzanne Coallier by the Borough of Saint-Laurent on September 22. It should also be noted that the name was part of the Toponym’elles name bank, an initiative aimed at increasing the representation of women in the toponymy of Montreal places. According to the council, this choice of name is in line with priority 8 of the Montreal 2030 strategic plan to fight against systemic racism and discrimination, namely the “representation of increased diversity in the public domain of the City of Montreal”.

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