A rapper accused of anti-Semitism will perform in Montreal

Strongly denounced in France for the fundamentally anti-Semitic lyrics of his songs, French rapper Freeze Corleone will perform at the Olympia in Montreal on December 4. Despite the controversy surrounding the rapper’s appearance, the concert hall decided to keep the show going, citing « freedom of expression ».

“It is disturbing that there is an audience for hateful rhetoric, but as growing incidents of anti-Semitism in Canada and around the world demonstrate, Jew-hatred, bigotry and racism continue to take root.” , explains the vice-president of the Advisory Center for Jewish and Israeli Relations in Quebec, Eta Yudin.

Note that in 2020, Universal Music France had terminated the rapper’s contract. Streaming platforms had taken down hateful content, and Freeze Corleome had even been investigated for incitement to hatred.

“Cancelling is one thing, but not buying tickets is perhaps a stronger collective statement against hate,” adds Ms. Yudin. “Furthermore, we encourage Olympia owners to follow the example of others who, in the face of artists who have promoted hate, have chosen to donate event proceeds to causes that promote education, peace and coexistence.”

The Canadian Criminal Code states that “The Canadian government, following the example of several governments around the world, has made Holocaust denial illegal by including Section 319 in the Criminal Code of Canada. If Corleone brings his hateful messages to Canada by condoning, denying or minimizing the Holocaust it could be considered « willfully fomenting anti-Semitism. »

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