A new mascot for the Canadian

The organization of the Montreal Canadiens has confirmed the presence of a new mascot during the games Reverse Retro which begin against the New Jersey Devils, Tuesday night at the Bell Centre.

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The CH let the public know via a press release that “METAL!”, the official unofficial mascot of the Reverse Retro matches will be presented for the first time on Tuesday.

“Longtime Canadiens fans may remember METAL! as a mainstay at the Montreal Forum from the 80s through the early 90s. Often spotted at Canadiens games, rock concerts and wrestling events, METAL! became a popular character in his own right thanks to his unbridled passion and his orange fur which earned him comparisons with Youppi!, the famous mascot of the Expos in Major League Baseball”, put the Habs in context.

The sojourn of “METAL!” at the Bell Center will therefore span the eight Reverse Retro matches:

Tuesday, November 15 c. New Jersey Devils

Saturday, December 10 c. Los Angeles Kings

Thursday, December 15 c. Anaheim Ducks

Monday, January 9 c. the Seattle Kraken

Thursday, January 19 c. The Florida Panthers

Thursday, January 26 c. Detroit Red Wings

Tuesday, January 31 c. Ottawa Senators

Saturday, February 11 c. New York Islanders

The new mascot promises to keep fans updated on his tour, appearance schedule and life in general on his soon-to-be-launched social media, which will be named after canadiansMeTaL.

A new mascot for the Canadian

“His first photo opportunity will take place on the M2 level of the Bell Center at 5:45 p.m. Tuesday, before the game against the Devils, and will be followed by a stop outside the Tricolore Sports store at the entrance to the arena. at 6:15 p.m. Fans are encouraged to wear earplugs, as METAL! likes to play VERY LOUD Motley Crue, skidrow, Warrant, Poison and other groups when he is around,” concluded the CH.


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