A new exhibition at the Verdun School of Music

The painter Lisette Tardy will unveil her new paintings, starting November 14 at the École de musique de Verdun. La Verdunoise will present, from Monday to Friday, her exhibition « Reveries of the River », a series of works inspired by the banks of the St. Lawrence.

For Lisette Tardy, the river is a sacred space.

« This wooded environment which preserves a wild dimension induces a particularly welcoming and collected climate. […] My regular walks along the river allow me to extract myself from the invasion of the outside world to develop my presence in the life of a nature in continual transformation”, indicates the painter.

The Verdun painter, Lisette Tardy.
Photo: Courtesy

His paintings, very colorful and in the impressionist style, express the richness of the autumnal palette. “Sometimes I do more figurative work in the search for harmonies, contrasts, what will make the different nuances vibrate. The superposition of colors by small touches allows a greater subtlety in the whole created”, continues Ms. Tardy.

Exhibit at the Verdun School of Music

Lisette Tardy wanted to point out that this exhibition is made possible thanks to the generous welcome of the director of the École de musique de Verdun, Yolande Gaudreau.

“This discreet, intimate and luminous place forms a sort of setting which highlights my painting. It is a privilege for me to exhibit in this prestigious place », specifies Lisette Tardy.

The exhibition will be accessible from Monday to Friday, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., until the end of 2023.

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