A new direction for Sépaq Anticosti


The 2022 hunting season at Sépaq Anticosti marks an important turning point in the history of this organization, which has been able to showcase the island for more than 25 years.

The major changes that have taken place, namely the addition of several hunting sites in the east of the island and the arrival of new management, mean that we are witnessing the birth of Sépaq Anticosti 2.0.

As new director, we find a man who has been able to highlight the world of wildlife on several levels over his years in the field, Serge Larivière.

“I was born in Lévis. I grew up hearing the hunting stories of my father who visited the island over twenty times. I have eaten deer meat from Anticosti for a very long time. I am a wildlife and conservation enthusiast. »

A trained biologist, the man has a career that speaks for itself.

“I studied biology for a long time all over Canada. I was in the world of university research for fifteen years. My goal was to become a wildlife manager. Prior to coming to the island, I worked for Ducks Unlimited and the Delta Waterfall Foundation in Manitoba. I returned to Quebec in the early 2000s. I then worked for the Federation of Trappers Managers of Quebec before finding myself at the Cree Hunters Economic Security Board. »

Such a track record proves beyond any doubt that Larivière has worked in the field of wildlife harvesting, always in a context of conservation and enhancement.

“For me, this position at Sépaq Anticosti combines as much my passion for biology and wildlife management as for promoting hunting, fishing and trapping. »

Make a dream come true

When asked what motivated him to apply for the position of director of Sépaq Anticosti, his answer was quite clear and precise.

“The main motivation is the passion for the island. I went there for ten years as a hunter. I also went there as a volunteer to manage the beaver populations that were causing a lot of problems along the roads. There was also the challenge of living up to the Sépaq machine, whose mission is not only to enhance wildlife resources and give Quebecers access to the resource, but also to enhance all of Anticosti Island. »

What could be better than having your morning coffee in the company of a deer who doesn't seem at all bothered by the presence of the director.

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What could be better than having your morning coffee in the company of a deer who doesn’t seem at all bothered by the presence of the director.

In addition to the magnificent landscapes, Serge Larivière says he is impressed by the support of the residents. “Everyone who comes here feels like they are part of a big family. »

With the acquisition of the new sector and the new camps, he is well aware that this represents an integration of two cultures.

“It’s a new challenge, but at the same time a manager’s dream. We all work together with the same passion for the resource and for the same reasons. Everyone comes to work in Anticosti because they love the island. »

By grouping the new territories, Sépaq Anticosti’s reception capacity will be more than 3,000 hunters. At the height of the season, there will be more than 150 employees on the territory, including 60 guides.


“We must not forget that in addition to the management of hunting, we take care of catering, logistics, maintenance of buildings and roads. It’s a big boat to sail. Fortunately, I can count on a quality assistant in Bruno Burelle, who has extensive management experience in private enterprise. »

This is the first time that the director of Sépaq Anticosti will be able to count on the help of an assistant.

“It’s a chance for me. This brings me to pay homage to my predecessor, Robin Plante, who managed to steer this liner alone for many years. I will follow in his footsteps and welcome hunters in a professional manner and provide them with an unforgettable hunting experience with us,” concludes Serge Larivière.

A special date

The Sainte-Foy Outdoor Base will be the scene of the first edition of the Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Meeting, from August 26 to 28.

The event is overseen by the five wildlife federations that are located in the Maison de la Faune at the base. Inspired by the internationally renowned « Game Fair » in Europe and the United States, the event will be a great showcase for wildlife and outdoor activities in Quebec.

Everything will be based on a wide range of experiences, such as demonstrations of canine skills, falconry, the trapper’s course, equipment trials, archery, multiple conferences, a fishing competition the fly, and much more.

All enthusiasts and the uninitiated are expected to attend this unique event.

To know more : www.rdvcpp.com.


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