‘A moron of a man’: James Corden banned from restaurant for abusive behavior

TV host James Corden was briefly banned from a New York restaurant for « abusive » behavior towards employees.

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The owner of New York-based restaurant Balthazar, Keith McNally, revealed in an Instagram post on Monday that he had banned the host from the Late Late Show of his establishment.

“James Corden is a talented comedian, but a moron of a man. And the most abusive customer to my servers in 25 years. I do not [bannis] not often a client, but today I banned Mr. Corden. It didn’t make me laugh, » the post read.

The owner then described the sequence of events, which were reported to him by his employees.

In June, James Corden allegedly showed the restaurant manager a hair he found in his food while ordering him « a round of cocktails right away », threatening to write a negative review on the internet if he was not brought not.

In October, still at the same restaurant, Corden was allegedly rude to an employee after his wife found egg white in his omelette. The meal was redone, but with fries rather than the side salad.

« That’s when [James Corden] started shouting like a madman at the waiter: « You are incapable of doing your job!, he repeated. I should perhaps go and redo the omelette myself in the kitchen! »

James Corden reportedly finally apologized to the owner hours after the incident.

« I’m a firm believer in second chances, » the Balthazar owner wrote, arguing that someone who apologizes to « someone like him and his employees » doesn’t deserve to be banned.


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