A Montrealer at the World Cup


Daniel Boisvert arrived in Doha yesterday afternoon. For his week-long stay, this Montreal soccer fan will attend seven World Cup games in Qatar. It was precisely in the middle of the Tunisia-Denmark match that he spoke with Subway.

“Sorry, you might hear them behind, but the Tunisian supporters are really loud!” he said live from the stands of Education City Stadium.

The latter can’t wait to see Canada in action tomorrow against Belgium. « It will be an excellent match and you never know what can happen, » he simply said, when asked about the outcome of this expected meeting.

Between the songs of Tunisians muted, Daniel Boisvert explains that the atmosphere is festive in Doha.

“I haven’t really felt any political tension yet. I’m really here for soccer, I’ve met fans from all over the world. […] From our hotel to the stadium, it was very festive, there were songs, flags, etc. Lots of atmosphere!” adds the Montrealer.

“In addition, when we arrived at the stadium, there was the Argentina-Saudi Arabia match which had just ended and Saudi Arabia won, so people were excited,” continues Mr. Boisvert.

« Pleasantly surprised »

Some fans complained on Monday of ticketing problems on the sidelines of England’s meeting against Iran. The Denmark-Tunisia match, however, does not seem to have been the scene of logistical blunders.

“We registered an electronic ticket, the ticket was in our phones and when we arrived it was activated by Bluetooth. Everything went well, the technology worked well,” explains the Montrealer.

No issue either on the side of transport and accommodation.

I was surprised by the effectiveness, honestly. Transport, access to the stadium and everything. I expected there would be issues, but was pleasantly surprised.

Daniel Boisvert, Montrealer who is in Qatar to attend the World Cup

« When I arrived at the airport, there were buses waiting for us and, fairly quickly, we arrived at the hotel, which is actually a cruise ship in the port of Doha, » said Mr. Boisvert. .

With the heat approaching 30 degrees Celsius, the latter is delighted to be able to benefit from the air conditioning in an open-air stadium.

Canadian Ambassador to Qatar Isabelle Martin reportedly told Radio-Canada correspondent Philippe Leblanc that 30,000 Canadians are currently in Qatar for the World Cup.

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