A licensed Brampton chef creates Deddy’s Kitchen and becomes famous on Youtube


When Oswald Ruddock was laid off in 2020 from the kitchen job he had held for 19 years, his daughter Sasha pitched an idea a bit out of her comfort zone.

« She said ‘dad, you can cook, people love your cooking, so let’s start a Youtube channel,' » he recalled.

At the time, the chef was quite shy about the idea. Two years later, Dedy’s kitchen has amassed hundreds of thousands of subscribers, millions and views and caught the attention of people around the world.

Ruddock, now 65, says he is still in shock that his passion for cooking and sharing Jamaican recipes has touched so many people.

« I was just doing this stuff; it was fun. I didn’t know I would get paid for it, » he said.

« My daughter gave me my first paycheck on my birthday and I was shocked. »

His old job called him back, but he declined the offer.

« Everyone has a purpose in life, whether you’re young or old. I’m 65, and it feels like I’ve just started my life. »


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