A hot fight in sight on the North Shore

All eyes will be on Duplessis County on October 3, as the battle promises to be close in this PQ castle where six candidates will face off.

Elected by 127 majority votes in 2018, outgoing Parti Québécois MP Lorraine Richard, who had sat in the National Assembly since 2003, is retiring from political life. It is Marilou Vanier who defends the colors of the party. “The people of Duplessis are ardent sovereignists. We feel that fervor. We want to keep our fortified castle,” she said in an interview with The newspaper.


Opening up the North Shore is a priority for her.

“We have waited long enough. We’ve been talking about finishing Route 138 for 50 years. We need to secure Route 389 [la route de Fermont]. It’s not normal that a good part of the road is still unpaved,” she said.

The CAQ, which came second in 2018, presents an Innu candidate, Kateri Champagne Jourdain.

The latter comes with several priority files. Among these, she wants to counter the effects of fly-in/fly-out to give Quebecers a taste for living in the region. She wants more accessible health care and she will intend to promote and defend indigenous cultures and languages ​​if she comes to power.


The demographic decline worries the candidate of the Conservative Party of Quebec, Roberto Stéa. The North Shore is the region that experienced the largest interregional migration deficit in Quebec in 2020-2021, at the rate of 250 people less than the previous year.

If elected, Mr. Stéa will commit to working to restore the region’s full decision-making powers. “All the decisions that concern us are made outside the region and the county,” he laments. Mr. Stéa chose the PCQ because it is the only party, he believes, that is capable of dislodging the CAQ.

The Liberal Party of Quebec announced on Friday its candidate in the riding, Chamroeun Khuon, a dentist from Lévis who has lived in Sept-Îles for more than five years.

“I want to do more for families in Duplessis County. With the rising cost of living and the housing crisis, it is becoming more and more difficult to make ends meet,” he said.

Despite multiple attempts, it was impossible to reach the candidate of Quebec solidaire, Uapukun Mestokosho.




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