A hockey tournament to help children

The Charles-Bruneau Foundation succeeded in raising more than a million dollars during its last activity.

The Charles-Bruneau Cup, which is a major ball hockey tournament, was only in its second edition.

“My biggest dream to me, Pierre Bruneau, father of Charles, would be one day to close it, this foundation, because we will have a cancer-free childhood. We won’t have any more cases of cancer. But we are not there yet,” mentioned Pierre Bruneau.

Essential funds, according to the organizers, to improve the conditions of young patients.

“We see that the research, the funds that we raise do not go in a vacuum. It’s really practical, it’s useful. That’s what I said. Without this research today, I wouldn’t be standing in front of you to talk to you. I would probably be 6 feet under,” says Vincent Gariepy, a child hero from the Charles-Bruneau Foundation.

Since its creation, the Charles-Bruneau Foundation has received more than $100 million in donations.

It is with pride that the Charles-Bruneau Foundation recalls that in 1980 in Quebec, the cure rate for leukemia was 35%; today it is almost 85%.


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