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a herb that gives taste… and vitamins

Like most leafy green vegetables, cilantro is rich in antioxidants like beta-carotene. And like its cousin, flat-leaf parsley, it is also rich in vitamin C.

It is also a source of vitamin K, which contributes to bone development, as well as vitamin B9. Also known as folic acid, the latter participates, according to the National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety (ANSES), “in the metabolism of genetic material (DNA and RNA ), which justifies its essential nature during the different phases of life”, in particular during the first month of pregnancy.

A good reason not to deprive yourself of it.

Taste and color…

If flat-leaf parsley and coriander look alike, their taste is quite different. And if you don’t know the flavor of Arabic parsley, you might be surprised. It is indeed sustained, marked and somewhat spicy.

Its detractors even claim that the grass takes its name from the Greek Koris which means bug, an animal which, once crushed, repels more than one. Yet it is this persistent and fragrant flavor that will give your soups, sauces and other salads, tastes from elsewhere.

… from leaves to seeds

Before you start cooking, you still have to choose your cilantro. At the time of purchase, the latter must be very green, without the slightest wilting. For a chutney or more generally Indian cuisine, turn to the leaves.

Married with garlic or ginger, they will also go wonderfully with your tajines and fish. A word of advice, since they are generally fibrous, take care to chop them finely. And above all, add them only at the end of cooking. They will thus retain all their fragrance.

For their part, coriander seeds, with a slightly sweet flavor, will find their place in the preparation of certain condiments, such as curry for example. Added at the start, or during cooking, they will also bring a little spice to your couscous, your grills or your marinades.

Perfect for dishes coming directly from North Africa, Asia or Eastern Europe. A real invitation to travel for the taste buds.