A first symposium and a new guide for CARI Saint-Laurent

CARI Saint-Laurent is organizing the first symposium in its history on September 28 at the Palais des Congrès in Montreal. The event will be sold out as more than 150 speakers from across Quebec and Ontario are expected.

Named « Strong avenues for complex interventions in a migratory context », this symposium will also be an opportunity for the organization to launch a guide bearing the same name. This is the fruit of several years of work and is based on CARI Saint-Laurent’s thirty years of experience in integrating immigrants.

« We have always felt that we had a duty to equip stakeholders to deal with complex immigration situations, » explains the director general, Nisrin Al Yahya. There are a lot of challenges and to meet them, several actors must be involved by working together.”

The guide specializes in cases that require intervention at several levels and favors an approach of continuous collaboration between the various stakeholders.

“We think for example of a newcomer who would have housing problems, but who would also have a health problem, a family problem of divorce or requiring the DPJ or of non-employability, she continues. There are several elements that make up the complexity of the interventions in these situations.”

The goal is also to update this resource in the future. “We really want this guide to be a starting point for improving collaborations and giving ideas for interventions,” says the Executive Director. But above all, we would like the guide to be improved.”

The guide will therefore be made available to the speakers present at the symposium in digital format in order to facilitate its modification over time.

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