A first EP for Reini B.

After a remarkable entrance on the musical scene and the creation of several singlessinger-songwriter and mixer Reini B. finally launches her very first EP: VENUS!

With her limpid voice, a unique sound – with pop, afrobeat, jazz, afropop and afrotrap influences – as well as a well-balanced English-French bilingualism, the 21-year-old Afro-Canadian artist knows how to stand out and gradually carve herself out. its rightful place in the artistic universe.

head in the stars

It is by mixing genres and letting her origins shine through through her different songs that Reini B., Montrealer by adoption but French by birth, takes us on a journey into her very own universe via a sunny and promising project.

First chapter of a series of upcoming projects called MULTIVERSE, VENUS originates from the planet Venus, named after the Roman goddess of love. It is therefore not surprising that the pieces found there address themes such as love, beauty, desire, sex, passion, fertility, prosperity and victory. » VENUS is only the first chapter of a possible album, MULTIVERSEwhere Reini will explore several musical universes”, explains Ida Dossou, artist agent of Reini B. “His message is universal, it is addressed to everyone”, she adds.

“Through my art, I want to connect with my audience […] It’s a grace for me to explore themes that touch nature, beauty, to bring out the essential beauty through my songs and my texts », indicates for her part the main interested party, who is also preparing to release on Halloween day, October 31, a music video for his play hold you down.

“It’s a very happy clip. It’s carelessness, the idea of ​​unattached love. »

Ida Dossou, Reini B’s artist agent

sky’s the limit

Although she officially launched her international career only last year, Reini B. has been rolling around for quite some time, she who likes to say that she imposes no limits on herself: piano – she has started to play from the age of nine -, trumpet, guitar, singing, dancing, writing, composition… nothing is to his test.

Among the highlights that appear on his roadmap, we find his selection among more than 250 participants at the age of 14 in the Montreal Blues Camp singing competition, his participation in the Montreal International Jazz Festival in 2014 as well as his performance in the first part of the Congolese singer-songwriter Dadju in July 2021 at the Palais des Congrès in Benin. Also noteworthy are her collaborations with leading actors in the industry, such as producer Jimmy Houetinou and director Cass Lee, as well as the awards she has won so far.

Pay it forward

The young woman also makes it a point to get involved with social and environmental causes that are close to her heart.

I also want to use my artist platform to get personally involved in social issues such as world famine, education for all, the place of women in society and equity.

Reini B.

Go quickly discover VENUS, Reini B.’s brand new EP, available now on all platforms! To learn more about the multidisciplinary artist and his upcoming projects, check out his social media.

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