A dubious organization solicits donations in the subway


An organization with a problematic past is currently collecting donations in Montreal metro stations. This is the League of Human Rights of Quebec, which was previously called the Society for the Assistance of Victims of Criminal Acts (SAVAC). The organization had been forced to change its name because it falsely claimed that it was linked to the Crime Victims Assistance Centers (CAVAC).

This time again, the organization seems to have set in motion the same stratagem since the name is almost identical to that of the League of Rights and Freedoms, an organization established for more than half a century which considers that its image is usurped by « potential fraud ».

An agent of the League of Human Rights of Quebec collected donations at the Square-Victoria metro last week, reveals an investigation by La Presse. He wore an ID card in his name, collected donations in a giant piggy bank, or with a credit terminal.

Representatives were asking for donations to find doctors and lawyers to help victims of domestic violence.

The story repeats itself

In 2017, an administrative decision by the Registraire des entreprises ordered SAVAC to change its name. – a rare gesture – following an action brought by the Réseau des CAVAC, under a section of the Companies Act which prohibits names which may “lead to confusion” or which are “likely to induce third party in error”.

The Registraire then gave it the name Groupe de defense et de promotion des droits des victims d’actescriminels, but the organization nevertheless continued to use the acronym SAVAC, notably on its website. Then, in April 2020, it changed its name to League of Human Rights of Quebec.

The League of Rights and Freedoms, the one that has really existed for 60 years, asks the population to be careful, because it never solicits donations in public places. The organization still communicates with donors by mail or electronically.

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