A disturbing Council of Ministers

How do you view the Council of Ministers presented the day before yesterday by François Legault?

Let’s be clear: there is every reason to be worried. If François Legault builds what he thinks is his ideal economic team, he neutralizes his nationalism.

Certainly, the appointment of Bernard Drainville to Education is excellent. He will probably make the voice of common sense and general culture heard in a ministry that is still today dominated by techno-pedagogues.


But the fate reserved for Simon Jolin-Barette suggests that the CAQ intends to turn away from the identity issue. Admittedly, he retains the Ministry of Justice and remains leader of the government. However, it will not have the major identity ministry for which it could have been intended, and which would have brought together language, secularism and immigration, and why not, Canadian intergovernmental affairs.

On immigration, he would have had the necessary firmness to stand up to left and right lobbies who always want to raise the thresholds.

We will be even more worried to learn that Christine Fréchette inherits immigration.

She is a woman of quality, everyone agrees.

But she had left the Marois government, where she was Jean-François Lisée’s chief of staff, to mark her opposition to the charter of values, a proposal as legitimate as necessary. Is she comfortable with the CAQ’s identity discourse, which stems from the same philosophy?

With it, there is little chance that the CAQ will significantly lower the immigration thresholds.

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By naming it, François Legault wants to send a “positive” signal to those who claim that he needs to come to terms with “diversity”, as if he were guilty of anything towards immigrants.

If he believes it, it must be seen as proof of his submission, even unconscious, to political correctness.

Nationalists approach this mandate with battered confidence.


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