A digital platform to counter violent behavior

A new digital platform for men with violent behavior is now available online.

At the heart of man – Men’s support network for a violence-free society launched the site pritslair.ca on Tuesday, at the heart of the « 12 days of action against violence against women ».

With this anonymous and confidential initiative, the group wants to mark its commitment to promote egalitarian relationships and to fight against domestic violence.

For 35 years, with a human heart (acoeurdhomme.com) and its member organizations intervene with male perpetrators of violence so that they become aware of their violent behavior, that they realize the impact on those who suffer it, that they accept responsibility for it and that they decide to choose a life without violence.

The Ministry of Health and Social Services and the Secretariat for the Status of Women have notably contributed to its development.

The experience offered on Prends l’air has two objectives: awareness and prevention. There are 7 video capsules in which experienced speakers address users.

For the user, the experience takes place in a visual and sound environment inspired by nature “which is intended to be soothing and conducive to reflection.”


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