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A diamond named Alassane Diouf

By adding Alassane Diouf to their roster this week, the Université de Montréal Carabins have got their hands on the most coveted offensive lineman in the 2022 roster.

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“He’s really a dominant player, who can play as a guard or a blocker. He was successful in CEGEP and high school. We are very happy to have him with us for the next few years, ”said head coach Marco Iadeluca, whose team unveiled its 13 first recruited players of the year on Thursday.

The Champlain-Lennoxville College Cougars product was spoiled for choice when it came time to choose where he would play in college football. He had offers from all over Quebec, the Maritimes and Ontario.

“When I was with Équipe Quebec in 2018, Marco was the head coach. I loved my experience with him. I find him to be a real person who has good values. I have a lot of respect for him and that’s one of the main reasons I chose the Carabins, ”said Diouf.

The lineman par excellence of the first collegiate division in 2021 also had a soft spot for Mathieu Pronovost, the coach of the offensive line with the Blues.

“He’s never been one of my coaches, but we’ve talked a lot in the last few months. I really like his approach and the individual he is. ”

A beautiful project

Diouf entered the Carabins at the same time as several other offensive linemen.

“It’s a great thing. I think having offensive linemen who learn and grow together is very positive. We will be able to develop a good maturity and possibly dominate together, ”said the one who notably worked with second-year player Mathieu Parenteau during his time with the Cougars.

Despite the great attraction that there was for him across the country, Diouf does not come to the Carabins with the idea of ​​waiting for his due. However, he intends to show his new coaches that he deserves their trust.

“I want to compete for a starting position and being in uniform for the first game of the year is my goal.”

The Carabins have also got their hands on a young man who will eventually be a leader.

“I was one of the captains in my last year with Champlain-Lennoxville. I’m not necessarily a vocal leader, but I set an example by my actions on and off the court, ”said the friendly 6’3”, 310 lb.