a confusion signed Marie-Denise Pelletier

Slight confusion on the part of Marie-Denise Pelletier on Sunday evening at the Gala de l’ADISQ when announcing the finalists in the category of female performer of the year, alongside her accomplices from For a one night standMarie Carmen and Joe Bocan.

While the camera was trained on one of the finalists, Roxane Bruneau, the presenter called Cœur de pirate… the seconds passed, the camera still riveted on Roxane Bruneau, before the presenter on stage realized the mistake about the singer and tries to fix it, exchanging an embarrassed laugh with his accomplices.

« It all went very well, » joked host Louis-José Houde as he returned to the stage after Roxane Bruneau won the statuette. The latter also underlined in her speech the happiness of not having been a simple flavor of the month.

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