a case of racial profiling?

A video showing the arrest of a person during a police operation at the Central Market in Montreal caused reactions on social networks. We see a handcuffed person, claiming to have been intercepted because of the color of his skin. Several Internet users speak of a case of profiling.

According to information from Subway, the citizen was reportedly handcuffed near the Réno-Dépôt parking lot in the Marché Central. It would have taken place during the week. We see a citizen in panic, asking the police to remove the handcuffs that surround his wrists.

“When you saw me, why did you bully me? asks the individual to the police, dressed in civilian clothes. Untie me in a second, that’s a lack of respect. Even though I’m a suspect, I have to treat myself with respect. Is it because I’m black?” he asks himself.

The officers of the Montreal Police Service (SPVM) seem to suspect that the individual was in a vehicle that was not his. They say they want to get the keys to the car in question before releasing their suspect. “It is a vehicle that I bought, and I am accused of having stolen it”, criticizes the citizen.

“You have to check before handcuffing someone. If it was a Quebecer like you, would you act like that?” he asks the police.

Contacted by Subwaythe SPVM has still not offered an answer.


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