A budget for the culture of “resilience” and “action”

Health crisis, war at the gates of Europe, climate change… “Faced with these threats, we need more than ever artists to inspire us, and new talents to write the stories of tomorrow and overcome their fears. “, underlined Monday the Minister of Culture Rima Abdul Malak by presenting a budget described as” historically high “.

Already last year, the 2022 budget allocated to the Ministry of Culture exceeded the 4 billion euro mark for the first time. This year, it reached 4.2 billion euros, an increase of 271 million (+ 7%) over one year. This budget does not include the 3.8 million euros (+3.1%) allocated to public broadcasting, via a portion of VAT, as voted by Parliament this summer.

Regain audiences in theaters

Culture Minister Rima Abdul Malak called it a « historically high » this budget, intended « to face the current emergencies »and in particular set out to win back the public in theaters, and “the challenges of tomorrow”including the ecological transition of cultural places or the deployment of French creation in the metaverse.

The Minister quoted at the top of her “seven priorities” I’“access to culture for all”. « We can’t imagine empty rooms tomorrow because young people are on their laptops »she underlined, announcing an increase in artistic education credits (to 104 million, this year), increased resources for libraries or the extension of the Culture Pass to 6th graders from the start of the 2024 school year.

New Worlds, Act II

A quarter of the budget (1.09 billion, +7.5%) is allocated to heritage, and in particular to the continued restoration and securing of the 87 cathedrals. The minister also kicked off the conversion of the former abbey of Clairvaux, in Aube.

The ministry’s investment budget (663 million, +11%) will be primarily earmarked for work to improve the energy performance of cultural buildings.

Another billion (1.006 billion, +10%) is devoted to the creation “in the physical and digital worlds”. An envelope of 30 million euros over three years will be earmarked for the launch of “Act II” of New Worlds, the major artistic commissioning programme.

Villers-Cotterêts, in spring

The Minister also confirmed the opening in the spring of 2023 of the international city of the French language at the Château de Villers-Cotterêts.

In addition, one billion from the major France 2030 investment plan is dedicated to the cultural and creative industries, and in particular to “the emergence of national champions for immersive cultural offerings”.

“Guarantee media pluralism and access to reliable and independent information” is also one of the priorities of the ministry’s roadmap. In the audiovisual sector, it will result in a strengthening of the local offer – in particular via the launch of the digital media Bleu d’Ici by France 3 and France Bleu – or the development of the educational offer for young people.

Concerning the written press, the dedicated credits will increase by 17.3 million euros (+9.4%) to accelerate distribution by portage rather than La Poste. Two million euros will also be devoted to the study and the launch of work for the future « house of press cartoons ». Finally, the Minister announced the strengthening of the budgets to develop employment and training in the arts professions, with in particular 12.7 million additional credits.


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