« A big step forward, even if it comes very late »


Father Hans Zollner

Director of the Institute of Anthropology of the Gregorian University in Rome

“It highlights a vast failure of the institution for decades. But paradoxically, I also see a big step forward by the French bishops, even if it comes very late. However, it lacks an essential dimension: the Episcopal Conference should communicate names, if it is possible on the legal level. Without this, there is a risk of bringing widespread suspicion to bear on everyone. Should we also change the way of appointing bishops? If a candidate for the episcopate has committed harmful acts, that nobody says it and that he does not reveal it himself, no process of appointment of bishops will be able to take it into account. On the other hand, in view of these appointments, one could also question people who are not part of the ecclesial context and who have known or collaborated with the candidate, including in other contexts. »


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