A 1,000-unit project approved in Hochelaga

The Office de consultation publique de Montréal (OCPM) has released its public consultation report on the requalification of 4500, rue Hochelaga. The OCPM recommends the adoption of the by-law allowing the construction of housing on the site of the former Pro Gym. However, he stresses “the importance of making changes to it”.

“The requalification of 4500 rue Hochelaga is a privileged opportunity to implement planning and sustainable development principles. It is proposed to build a living environment marked by social diversity, diversity of uses, a varied and quality housing offer, a diversified commercial and cultural offer, increased greening and a commitment to eco-responsibility, “says the Office in a press release.

Remember that the selected project, “Canoe”, provided for a residential stock of 928 housing units divided into 205 rental units, 583 private units and 140 cooperative units.

The commission proposes in particular “to reduce the maximum heights, to specify them in floors and in meters, and to include setbacks on floors for all buildings in this sector”, and also “to specify the number of dwellings per hectare and the area of ​​the authorized building land”.

The construction, in six phases, aims to achieve a mixed project comprising buildings ranging in height from one to ten storeys. The OCPM would like these changes to be clarified.

For a virtuous real estate project

Other suggestions are related to the environment. Thus, the OCPM recommends “limiting the number of parking spaces for vehicles, determining the number of parking spaces for bicycles, promoting car sharing and the installation of electrical terminals”.

It also encourages the borough of Mercier—Hochelaga-Maisonneuve to “implement eco-responsible and innovative management of household residual materials produced by users of a thousand new housing units, businesses and services on the site at 4500, rue Hochelaga”. The improvement of the sunshine on the facades, which was partly compromised by the height of the building in the initial project, is also expected.

Also, the Office would invite the promoter Rachel Julien to explain the vision of the final project. This would include, among other things, illustrations of the expected architectural treatment.

To establish these recommendations, the OCPM received nearly 200 contributions. He notes that “the project is generally well received by those who participated in the consultation”. During a written consultation carried out in 2021, 30 out of 37 respondents were opposed to this project.

The BAILS Committee also called for 100% social housing projects in MHM. One of the report’s 12 recommendations is precisely for the Borough “to pursue, finalize and integrate detailed planning for the Bennett-Letourneux sector into the municipal regulatory framework”.


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