$80,000 eggs for the Vice-Queen

OTTAWA | The office of the governor general assures that simple omelettes were served on board the plane which took the representative of the monarchy and her retinue of 29 guests to the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait in March.

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This is what was said Thursday at the Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates.

Remember that Mary Simon’s trip caused a scandal in June when it was revealed that the 30 guests had squandered more than $80,000 for eight meals served aboard the Royal Canadian Air Force’s CC-150 Polaris Airbus, over $333 per person per meal, March 16-24.

The Royal Air Force, which provides onboard supplies, initially said nearly $100,000 had been spent, before correcting the figure.

In this regard, Undersecretary Christine MacIntyre assured Thursday that the menu resembled what is served on board commercial airliners.

“We had eggs, we had omelettes,” she said.

Dodo eggs?

Tory MP Kelly McCauley pointed out that unless they ate ‘dodo eggs’ someone should have asked questions upon seeing the note.

“You will agree that it is often the price of groceries for an entire family for an entire week,” scolded Bloc Québécois MP Julie Vignola, referring to the cost of a single meal served to the Governor General.

NDP MP Gord Johns pointed out that less is feeding more than 100 homeless people every night at his home in British Columbia.

“I know it’s a lot of money,” said Lieutenant General Eric Kenny, Commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force. I firmly believe that we can lower costs. »

By way of explanation, he said that the cost of living in Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates is higher than in Canada.

It is indeed 9% higher in Doha than in Montreal, and 32% higher in Kuwait than in Quebec.

But a Big Mac combo costs $9 in Doha versus $10.50 in Montreal.

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