69% of French people want more transparency

The Quatennens and Bayou cases shone the spotlight on the private life of these two elected officials – pushing them to withdraw – and posed, in addition to the question of domestic violence, that of transparency: to what extent private of a political figure have to be public?

According to the results of the new Odoxa-Mascaret barometer* for LCP-AN, Public Sénat and the Regional Press, published on Tuesday, 69% of French people consider that politicians should be more transparent about their private lives. This is particularly true for LR (81%), LFI (80%) and RN (73%) sympathizers, as well as for those over 65 (76%).

A requirement that focuses first on money (67%), before mores (29%), ecological behavior (24%), non-violence (23%) and probity (22%). Note: the under 25s are the most demanding in terms of ecology (50%).

No improvement for 87% of respondents

According to an overwhelming majority of respondents (87%), the behavior of politicians has not improved in recent years: 44% consider that things have gotten worse while 43% believe that nothing has changed. Only 13% of those questioned think that the behavior of politicians is « more exemplary » than in the past. The sympathizers of the radical parties are the most severe while those of the Renaissance are a little less pessimistic.

Finally, and this is a surprise, nearly one in twelve respondents (8%) do not expect politicians to lead by example!

* Odoxa – Mascaret political barometer for Public Senate, LCP National Assembly and Regional Press. Survey carried out via the Internet on September 21 and 22, 2022 among a sample of 1,005 French people representative of the French population aged 18 and over (quota method).


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