5 things to know on CTVNews.ca for Wednesday, November 2, 2022: Ukraine grain, Freedom Convoy, Emergencies Act investigation

Insight into why Russia is pulling out of the grain deal with Ukraine could impact prices in Canada, a Canadian was arrested after allegedly killing a Mexican policeman, and the investigation into the Emergency Measures Act directly hears the organizers of the « Freedom Convoy ». Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

1. Cereal emptying: Russia’s recent withdrawal from an agreement that allowed Ukraine to export grain will likely affect prices in Canada, experts say.

2. Canadian in custody: A Canadian has been taken into custody after he allegedly fatally shot and killed a police officer responding to a call in the Mexican resort town of Tulum, prosecutors said Tuesday.

3. Struggle for the power of the « freedom convoy »: The Emergencies Act inquiry began hearing from the organizers of the « Freedom Convoy » protest on Tuesday. From descriptions of a « power struggle » between various factions to TikTok’s role in sparking convoys across Canada, here are some key moments from the testimony.

4. Scrambled jets: Although the Canadian government and military generally do not respond to reports of unidentified flying objects, there have been some recent exceptions, including cases where CF-18 fighter jets have been jammed.

5. « Tip of the Iceberg »: A report by the Canadian Center for Child Protection indicates that 252 current or former school personnel committed or were accused of committing sexual offenses against 548 children over a five-year period.

One more thing…

Look for: Meteor showers, a lunar eclipse and Uranus in opposition are among the major astronomical events scheduled for November.

Light shines from a total lunar eclipse over Santa Monica Beach in Santa Monica, Calif., Wednesday, May 26, 2021. (AP Photo/Ringo HW Chiu)


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