5 things to know about CTVNews.ca for Friday, November 25, 2022: Justin Trudeau, Emergencies Act investigation, health care

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is due to testify today at the Emergencies Act inquiry, a rise in patients with respiratory illnesses is depleting healthcare workers and rising anti-trans health bills in the states United States worries some Canadian experts. Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

1. PM testifies: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is scheduled to appear today at the public inquiry into his government’s decision to invoke emergency powers in response to last winter’s Freedom Convoy protests.

2. “I come home and cry”: Hospitals and clinics across Canada are seeing an increase in respiratory illnesses that are forcing many healthcare workers to scramble to meet patient needs.

3. Anti-trans invoices: As bills restricting or banning gender-affirming care for young people surge in the United States, some Canadian experts fear it could happen here.

4. Notice board material: Croatia took note of Canadian coach John Herdman’s post-match comment at the Men’s World Cup following the team’s loss to Belgium, where he said: “We are going to eliminate Croatia. “

5. Canadian behind bars: A Chinese court on Friday sentenced Chinese-Canadian pop star Kris Wu to 13 years in prison on rape charges.

One more thing…

RSV vaccine: Older people are at high risk of contracting respiratory syncytial virus, experts warn, as Health Canada reviews vaccine for more than 60 people.


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