3rd link: “We are two-three” not to be convinced, launches Marchand


It is false to claim that “anyone who lives in Quebec knows that it takes a third link”, affirms Bruno Marchand in response to the remarks of a CAQ candidate.

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This sentence was pronounced by former Radio-Canada journalist Martine Biron on August 10 when she confirmed her candidacy in the riding of Chutes-de-la-Chaudière.

« I went to check my address to be sure that I lived in Quebec, » joked the mayor when he was asked to comment on this statement.

“Then I have the impression that we are two, three to have this idea that we need proof, that we need facts and that we hope to have a demonstration; that, without being convinced, we are still citizens of Quebec”, continued the mayor more seriously.

Preparing for the start of the school year at City Hall, Mr. Marchand held his first press conference in a month and a half on Monday to take stock of various current topics.

He recalled that his neutral position on the tunnel desired by the CAQ has not changed so far. « I haven’t changed my mind, I think we need facts. »

He said he hoped that the CAQ would specify how the tunnel would be beneficial for the economic development of the City, described as “Quebec’s second metropolis” by Chief François Legault.

On the other hand, Mayor Marchand warned that although he intends to « stand back » during the provincial campaign », he will not hesitate to « restore the facts » if necessary.

This is particularly the case when the Conservative leader Éric Duhaime argues that support for the tramway is declining. « He is wrong ».

He will share with the contenders for the post of Prime Minister his « grocery list » in the coming days.

His priorities for the next few months will be the economy, climate change and social development, including homelessness, he announced.

“At the intersection of it all […] there will be mobility,” he added, saying announcements are forthcoming.

More details to come…

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