28 people sent to hospital over Western reunion weekend

London first responders calculate the cost of the weekend homecoming at Western University, which saw thousands of students partying in the streets around campus.

Paramedics said on Monday they responded to 76 calls for service in 24 hours, with 28 people requiring a trip to hospital.

Middlesex-London Paramedic Service (MLPS), which had a large mobile unit parked near the largest street party on Broughdale Avenue, said six people were taken to hospital in serious condition.

While they couldn’t give specifics, spokeswoman Miranda Bothwell said injuries could include anything from unconsciousness to bleeding to trauma.

Street parties spilled onto Richmond Street, forcing officers to close the main north-south thoroughfare for several hours on Saturday. The London Police Service received assistance that day, with officers from Hamilton and York Region Services in the city to help control the crowds.

London police have not yet provided details on the number of arrests made or the cost of monitoring the event. In recent years, bills have been close to $300,000.

The Middlesex London Paramedic Service had the mobile unit parked on a side street near the gates of Western University campus on September 24, 2022 during homecoming celebrations. (Alessio Donnini/CBC News)


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